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如何轻松写出一篇Essay?偶然看到的一个PPT分享给大家《How to write a kickass essay with 1/2 the stress》

Find out what your teacher wants

  • get the assignment prompt and break it down into its individual parts

  • this becomes your skeleton for your essay

  • spooky

Don't start with the introduction paragraph

  • seriously this is a great way of stumping yourself ten minutes into the writing process

  • you're trying to write an intro for a paper that doesn't exist yet???

  • start with the first body paragraph

Your awesome body paragraphs

  • the cool thing about the essay is that you pretty much get to tell people what to think

  • don't hold back

  • your name is already on the top of the page

  • so whatever you say

  • try to really mean it

Conclusion paragraph

  • the conclusion is like the end of a 30 second commercial where they hold the product up at the end just in case you forgot you were watching a Hot Pockets commercial

  • hold up all your arguments for the audience one more time

  • just in case they forgot what they just read

Introduction paragraph

  • now that you have some kickass body paragraphs and a conclusion,rewrite your conclusion in introduce your topic

  • notice how its 300x easier to introduce something AFTER you've written it

  • slap a badass thesis statement on the end of your intro

Badass thesis statements

  • remember that skeleton we made in slide 2?

  • get it back out

  • make a single sentence that talks about all those points

  • it's totally cool to write a sentence that says,“In this essay,I argue that.....”

  • then just list those things

  • done


  • quotes are a great way to make yourself look credible and to add length to your paper

  • lets be honest,no one actually wants to write 2000 words

  • you need to talk before and after a quote

  • tell people who you're quoting

  • tell people why they should care


  • fun fact:Microsoft Word's citation maker is literally the scum of the earth

  • never ever use it

  • use citationmachine.net instead

  • or make your own

  • (it takes about the same amount of time with a lil'practice)


  • go get yourself a milkshake

  • because you have a rough draft,my friend

  • be proud of yourself