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In my essay, I discuss the idea of love and heartbreak. I also show my findings and thoughts on the idea that love cannot last a lifetime without a high degree of luck. Part of this could be due to the things that the Chaos Theory points out, but part of it may be biological in nature.

如何定义爱情?---Is it possible to define love?

There are so many different versions of love, including the biological, that it may be impossible to correctly define love. The most common factor appears to be the after effect. The feeling of heartbreak, which is an intense sadness, seems to indicate that some sort of love existed prior to the break up or separation. However, if the only way of testing for love is to break up, then it doesn’t look good in practical terms. The idea that love may last a lifetime is difficult to swallow because of the Chaos Theory. Almost anything may happen at any time, and the causes for these things happening are so vast and infinite that there is no way to ever guarantee two people in love stay together.

如果爱情只能持续几年,你怎么办?---What if love is only supposed to last a number of limited years?

There is a chance that we are biologically programmed to only stay in love for a limited number of years. There are some animals (birds mostly) that will live with the same partner all their lives, but many animals have numerous partners throughout their lives. A great example is penguins, as penguins pick a partner and then cheat on their partners with others. There is a chance that we are biologically programmed to seek out new partners once we have bred with one partner. This seems plausible if people are programmed to seek other partners once their children are grown and able to survive on their own.

为了挽留伴侣,人们会改变自己吗?---Do people change too much over time to stay in love?

The numbers vary from person to person, but it seems that every seven years a human will undergo a psychological change. People tend to switch jobs, political allegiances and partner almost every seven years. There is strong evidence to suggest that a person changes very dramatically over periods of seven years. If you just met a person, then in seven years that person is going to be very different. There are times then these differences push people apart. There are many times when people become so different that they cannot stay together because of it.


I conclude that people that stay together for a lifetime (stay together until death they do part) are simply lucky. They are lucky that their biological makeup has not pushed them apart, they are lucky that the events in their lives they have no control over have not pushed them apart. They are also lucky that the way they have changed over the years has not pushed them apart. It seems that you cannot avoid heartbreak, and it takes a lot of luck if you are planning on staying with the same person for the rest of your life.