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1. This paper concludes with a discussion of future research consideration in section 5.

2. Section 5 summarizes the results of this investigation.

3. Section 5 gives the conclusions and future directions of research.

4. Section 7 provides a summary and a discussion of some extensions of the paper.

5. Finally, conclusions and future work are summarized

6. The basic questions posed above are then discussed and conclusions are drawn.

7. Section 7 is the conclusion of the paper.

Chapter 0. Abstract

1. A basic problem in the design of xx is presented by the choice of a xx rate for the measurement of experimental variables.

2. This paper examines a new measure of xx in xx based on fuzzy mathematics which overcomes the difficulties found in other xx measures.

3. This paper describes a system for the analysis of the xx.

4. The method involves the construction of xx from fuzzy relations.

5. The procedure is useful in analyzing how groups reach a decision.

6. The technique used is to employ a newly developed and versatile xx algorithm.

7. The usefulness of xx is also considered.

8. A brief methodology used in xx is discussed.

9. The analysis is useful in xx and xx problem.

10. A model is developed for a xx analysis using fuzzy matrices.

11. Algorithms to combine these estimates and produce a xx are presented and justified.

12. The use of the method is discussed and an example is given.

13. Results of an experimental applications of this xx analysis procedure are given to illustrate the proposed technique.

14. This paper analyses problems in

15. This paper outlines the functions carried out by …

16. This paper includes an illustration of the …

17. This paper provides an overview and information useful for approaching

18. Emphasis is placed on the construction of a criterion function by which the xx in achieving a hierarchical system of objectives are evaluated.

19. The main emphasis is placed on the problem of xx

20. Our proposed model is verified through experimental study.

21. The experimental results reveal interesting examples of fuzzy phases of: xx, xx

22. The compatibility of a project in terms of cost, and xx are likewise represented by linguistic variables.

23. A didactic example is included to illustrate the computational procedure

Chapter 1. Introduction


1. Over the course of the past 30 years, .. has emerged form intuitive

2. Technological revolutions have recently hit the industrial world

3. The advent of … systems for has had a significant impact on the

4. The development of … is explored

5. During the past decade, the theory of fuzzy sets has developed in a variety of directions

6.The concept of xx was investigated quite intensively in recent years

7. There has been a turning point in … methodology in accordance with the advent of …

8. A major concern in … today is to continue to improve…

9. A xx is a latecomer in the part representation arena.

10. At the time of this writing, there is still no standard way of xx

11. Although a lot of effort is being spent on improving these weaknesses, the efficient and effective method has yet to be developed.

12. The pioneer work can be traced to xx [1965].

13. To date, none of the methods developed is perfect and all are far from ready to be used in commercial systems.