Paper代写案例:《Reflection for this week》

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本篇Paper代写精选-Reflection for this week讲了在本周的演讲中,学生在教授的指导下,提出了他们的建议和初稿。这是他们第二个项目的开始。在第一个项目中,学生们并没有明确说明,但我认为他们可以在第二个项目中开始明确要点。

On Thursday, I realized that the professor gave me the wrong version of the students’ papers. The reason why I know it is because when I submitted the students’ paper grades, I observed that their last submission was different from my copies. Soon after I reported this to the professor, she acknowledged that there was a mistake. Even though the difference is only the format, it is not deal. I feel very happy because I can assist the professor to manage the course. When I presented my works in front of the professor. I realized even though I tried my best to grade the papers, my effort is still not sufficient. I always try to stand for the students’ points of view to read the papers, I did not find many mistakes from their paper. When I follow the students’ points of view, they impact my own point of view. This was my first time grading papers, so I was not very sure on how to use it. But I have confidence that I can finish my tasks better.  In the article ESL student revision after teacher-written comments: Text, contexts, and individuals, it is mentioned that “self-report studies, of course, do not tell us how students actually revise after written feedback, and few studies have undertaken  systematic  analysis of the relationship  between  characteristics  of teacher feedback and subsequent revision by students.” (Conrad,148) 

In the end, I think this is the most important week for not only my internship, but also for my experience. It fills in the blanks for my ESL teacher’s experience. Also, I basically understand how to grade a paper. This is a very important skill for becoming a teacher. 

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