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1.The world has many towns and cities constructed in previous centuries that are suitable and lovable for people in those times. What problems will this cause today and what can be done to solve them?

The way old towns and cities were designed and constructed has made it impossible to meet the demands of the increasing population and modern lifestyle. Solutions, therefore, should be adopted to address this problem.

As times and lifestyles change, many of these buildings which once served their purpose to society may become obsolete and incompatible with modern lifestyles.

The problems caused by these old towns and cities should be tackled by taking the following approaches.

In conclusion, to cushion land shortage and other problems caused by old-fashioned urban infrastructure, significant improvement should be made to accommodate the modern way of life as well as the ever-growing population.   

2.In many cities, an increasing number of people do not know their neighbors and they lack a sense of community. What are the causes? How can we solve this problem?

Although most residential areas in cities are now packed with a bigger population than before, people seem to have become more distant from their neighbors and their community life. There are several reasons for this phenomenon yet quite a few solutions to address it.

To begin with, the lack of free time outside work could be one of the reasons why less people take pleasure in talking or meeting with their neighbors.

The current lack of community among the public needs to be addressed in an urgent matter.

All in all, modern technology and lifestyle are the main contributors to the lack of community among people; both the community administrators and individuals should share the responsibility of tackling this trend along with the help from social media.

3.Today, there is a great increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect for others. What are the causes of this? What measures can be taken to solve this problem?

As an increasing number of people, the younger generation in particular, are demonstrating anti-social or other disrespectful behaviors, it has become a necessity for us to address this issue by identifying the contributing factors so as to work out the possible solutions.

The outburst in this unacceptable behavioral pattern has its roots in various sources.

To eradicate the likelihood of this problem, some initiatives should be taken on the parts of the government, parents and schools.

In conclusion, pressure from daily survival, scarcity of opportunities as well as wrong choices of information source all contribute to the rise in anti-social behavioral patterns among the public. It is, therefore, the government’s, parents’ and schools’ obligation to adopt the given and more approaches to eliminate the problem.

4.In many countries, more and more young people are leaving schools and unable to find jobs after graduation. What problems do you think youth unemployment will cause to the individual and the society? And make some suggestions.

Youth unemployment has become a worldwide problem leaving tremendous impacts on both individuals and society; it is, therefore, a must for concerted efforts to be made by the government, local communities as well as universities to address this growing trend.

The unprecedentedly high unemployment rate has affected young people and the society in more than one way.

Given the detrimental effects the soaring unemployment rate has on young people and society, the following initiatives should be taken immediately on the parts of the government, local communities, as well as the universities.

All in all, considering the damage youth unemployment has on young people’s mental state, their families’ well-being as well as social stability, a variety of measures need to be adopted with great urgency.

5.Research suggests that the majority of criminals who were sent to prison would commit crimes when set free. What do you think of this case? What should be done to solve this problem?

It is unfortunately true nowadays for a large numbers of criminals to re-offend after serving their time in prison. I personally think that there are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon yet many a strategy to eradicate it.

To begin with, criminals behind the bars are not provided with enough moral education to fully realize the severity and immorality of their crimes.

There, however, do exist a few measures that should be taken to combat this issue.

All in all, the lack of education and career opportunities are the primary contributors to the existing problems of criminals re-offending, but if the strategies mentioned above are adopted and implemented effectively it will not be too long before this phenomenon is eliminated utterly.