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全文如下:Three Hypotheses

1, On May 1st, 2016, there are over 1,000 Chinese citizens participate in our city activity held in People Garden, China. The come to our booth and talk to our members on the current problem of Chinese air pollution. We give them some booklets and posters which include a lot of knowledge on air pollution. Also, they participate in our outdoor free speech. After the speech, they responded that they have learned a lot from our activities and they have known what to do to protect Chinese air quality.

2, From July 1st to July 10, 2016, we launch the hastag #we need blue sky on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. During the 10 days, over 10,000 people attach this hastag in their status and forward our article on air pollution. Over 20,000 comments are leaved in our official pages of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Most comments demonstrate that they would make contribution to Chinese air protection and would like to share the knowledge and information on air pollution to their friends and family members.

3, On October 1st, 2016, by the end of our project, our team are interviewed by over 10 media, including China Daily, New York Times, BBC and ABC and so on. They interviewed us on the results of this project and release news reporting articles to broadcast what we have done and what contribution we have made to the society and the world. More and more people would learn our project through their broadcasting. So they would continue to pay attention to the problems of Chinese air pollution.

Three Sentences

If the situation that no one participates in our city activity happens, then I hypothesize that we will hold some shows to attract more people, and at last, a great number of people will participate in our activity, which will be the outcome.

If the situation that we run out of budges in advance happens, then I hypothesize that we will earn money through other companies’ sponsorship and advertising will be the outcome.

If the situation that the global media refuse our invitation happens, then I hypothesize that we will write the news reporting articles by ourselves and contribute them to the global media will be the outcome.

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